3 benefits to online classes

When I first signed up for online classes I was nervous about how I would do. I didn’t know if I would like it or if I would even be successful.


I started my online experience with public speaking and interpersonal communication throughout the summer and did awesome. I loved the structure of the classes and the freedom to work ahead. This fall semester I took another online class and have been beyond happy. I was a little weary, again, just about the structure, but I realized that most teachers create online classes in a similar structure. 

  1. In my experience the teachers allow the students to work ahead which is so helpful when you know there is a stressful week ahead you can get your online class out of the way. But, this only works if you don’t procrastinate. Online classes are so beneficial, but only if you put in the work for them. If you blow off your online class it will only damage your GPA.
  2. Online classes can free up so much time in your schedule. Whether you add an online class as an extra class to get out of the way or you add the class so you don’t have to go to a physical class, it gives you options. I have taken online classes for both reasons. Over the summer it was better for my schedule to take online classes so I could still participate in certain things over the summer without missing much school, but this fall I added an online class as an extra class to be able to get the class out of the way.
  3. Taking online classes give you experience that a physical class won’t give you. It gives you a different challenge with time management. It could be easy to forget about the class since you aren’t going to it two times a week for an hour and twenty minutes. Online classes require a different way to learn, it makes you interact with people and respond. You can’t hide behind that obnoxious girl who talks 90% of the time in class, you are required for a good grade to respond and interact.

Have any of y’all taken online classes? Have you had good experiences with your courses? Let me know in the comments!


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