How to block out negativity 

I’ve had so many exciting things happening in my life. I’ll be getting married in October and I’ve found a career that I love and I get to pursue! There are so many things that happen have just fallen into place and I can just see Gods hand in everything, it gives me chills sometimes when I think about it! My life path has changed so much in the last two years. God has provided such an amazing way for me and it all started with choosing to stay home for college and go to Lonestar. My life would be drastically different if I had chosen to go off to school.

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5 unique date ideas for you and your boo

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and love in the air, it has made me think of all the ways to spend time with a significant other without causing too much stress. 

There are so many date options other than going out to eat or going to the movie theater. I wanted to put together a list of things to do or places to go with your S.O. that won’t break the bank and give a uniqueness to the date.  Continue reading

7 ways to spend a lazy Sunday

I have only recently been able to have Sunday’s off with my new job position. I have been loving having a day off from school and work on the same day. That is something I have never been able to have since I started working. I would come home from church and eat and typically go to work shortly after. 

But, now. Now I get to enjoy a nice Sunday off doing whatever I want. This post is all about thing to do on a Sunday. There is just something about Sunday that makes the day a relaxing day.

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A complete gift guide for the cheap and broke

Christmas is the best time of the year, but it is the most expensive time of year as well! When Halloween blows over and the Christmas decorations go up you start thinking about everything you need to buy and who you need to buy for. It can be friends, family, significant others, or maybe a secret Santa. I created a list of things you can do that show meaning and thoughtfulness without blowing through your savings!
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Schedule, breathe and repeate: tips and tricks

With finals coming around the corner and work my schedule is so tight. Every single minute is accounted for and sometimes I feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to get done or even have a minute to myself. There are so many ways to keep me from going crazy by just doing a few things a day! I use my Apple Watch for a lot of this, but these tips can work even without it!  Continue reading