Arm candy

I love bracelets and I love jewelry, recently I have been trying to find some new places to shop from other than buying some Kendra’s or rocking something pearl-related. I love my Seaside pearls as much as the other college girl, but I wanted to find something different to accessories with. IMG_5795

This post was not sponsored, but I was given some of the pieces at a discounted price. If you purchase the products through the links I may get some compensation. All opinions in this post are mine.

Boho  Betty  I love this brand especially because there is such a wide variety of style in their collection! They have edgy inspired pieces, boho pieces, classic, etc. I love pairing my wrap bracelet with my FitBit especially when I am wearing a nicer outfit, but want to keep my step count up. Y’all can use my code, rebekahkish for 20% off your order plus free shipping! So head on over there to snatch some unique pieces!

Kinsley Armelle  I love the vibrant colors this brand uses and each piece is so different and unique. But, one of my favorite things is the way they use stones. It makes the stone so beautiful without it being to gaudy. They have such a unique style, it’s not just sweet it has a little edge to it which I love. Y’all can use code Rebekah15 for 15% off your purchase so you can rock there collection!

Mayan Colour I love this brand for so many reason, but my favorite reason is because these bracelets were made by local artisans from Chiapas, Mexico. You can even chose a color and a charity and they will create a bracelet just for you and donate some of the money to that charity! I love the look of the bracelets, but I also love the message the brand is trying to convey.

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