Wisdom teeth survival guide

Before I went to get my wisdom teeth out I of course prepared. I looked online for some ideas of things to help or different tips and didn’t find a lot of information. I decided once I felt better I was going to put together a list of things to get or do during the recovery process.

I got my whole bottom jaw done. I actually had 2 teeth on top of each other side ways on the right side of my jaw and one regular old wisdom tooth on my left side of my jaw. I know because of that the pain I felt was a little different on the right side than the left. The swelling was way different on each side of my jaw and the pain was different. The list contains some things to do as well as some stuff to buy, so let’s get started!

  1. Get a piece of paper and write down when you take what medication so you don’t accidentally overdose yourself, but you will also keep them in order. If you can only take one medication every 5 hours you will know exactly when to take it next!
  2. Buy an ice bag and a hot water bottle heater. Don’t do an actual heating pad, I suggest the water bottle heater because you can control the heat and control how much water is in the bag and the same is true for the ice bag. I loved to use both because I could just rest my head on them and it was so comfortable and really made my jaw feel better without worrying about them leaking. I linked the ones I got, but you can honestly buy them at any Drug store or super store.
  3. Buy some soft foods to eat. Some good soft foods include Mac and Cheese, ice cream or milkshakes, pudding, scrambled eggs, potatoes and creamy soups. I honestly did not have much of an appetite right after the surgery and pretty much just ate a milk shake and some sweet potatoes to just get something in my stomach to take the meds.
  4. Get some chapstick and keep it by you all day long! After not drinking anything for 8 hours my lips got so dry! It was awful I used an EOS chapstick that I had before and was constantly putting chapstick on.
  5. Make sure you have a large opening cup to drink out of. You don’t want to get a dry socket which I luckily did not get. But, the horror stories made me so nervous about getting a dry socket. I tried drinking out of a regular Ozarka water bottle and it was so hard not to suck on the water bottle. So I just used a Trevis cup with no lid on it to help me stay hydrated without blowing a dry socket.

Let me know about your experience and any other tips in the comments below. I will most likely have to get the wisdom teeth out on my top jaw and would love to have any more tips!

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