3 makeup products worth the splurge

I am somebody who loves to find a good deal. I love sales and finding really great products that also doesn’t cost a lot of money. Today I am going to talk about some more expensive makeup products that I think are SO worth the investment!

 I have a post about some awesome drug store makeup products here, I still use some drug store products along with these splurge items and my favs are in the post. I also have a funny YouTube video to go along with the video and you can find that here!

fullsizeoutput_8faI have heard so much about this product and it lives up to the hype. It always feels so light weight and really helps set the makeup and make it look so natural. It’s $38 at Sephora which was SO hard to buy it, but I think it’s a product that is worth the investment. I really could tell a difference in how my makeup went on and looked. Some translucent powders come off white instead of actually translucent, but this product goes on so well and clear!


I had the Benefit Roller Lash mascara and decided to try the ‘They’re real!‘ version of their mascara. I think I like this mascara better than the roller lash mascara. It gives my lashes the volume and length that I LOVE. It really works so well and I wish they had a water proof version, at least I could not find one at Sephora. (If you found a waterproof version let me know in the comments below!) It really does volumize my lashes and spreads them apart so well so they look fuller!

img_3131I love the Sephora contour pallet so much. I have such a weird skin tone so when I try to find a contour for my nose and forehead it was so hard to find a highlight that worked well with my skin type and tone. I have a really oily t-zone area so I have to use a powder so it won’t come off oily, but also trying to find one that didn’t look patchy was also a struggle. But, once I found this one I loved it! It is the perfect shade for me, I use the lightest shade for my highlight and the middle shade for my contour. In the long run, me buying a separate highlight and contour would end up costing the same amount that this cost which helped me be OK spending the money when I would only use two of the pods.

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