5 tips to have the best wedding dress alterations

Now that you found THE dress you will most likely have to get in altered. Whether it’s bringing the dress in or shortening it there will be some alterations the dress will have to go through. I already have a post about what to do when you are wedding dress shopping so if you have not bought your dress yet check out that post here to get some great tips.

When you go in to try on a dress you aren’t really thinking that much about what you’re going to wear on the day other than the dress. But by the time the alterations appointment comes you need to be way more prepared. I created a list of things to buy and do leading up to that appointment and after the appointment. I feel like the alterations appointment is so important because alterations are so expensive anyways and if you have to get something redone it would just be an unnecessary cost.

  1. Ask the alterations people how long it will take them to get the dress back to you. You don’t want to make it too far out in case your weight fluctuates, but you don’t want to wait to close that if something goes wrong there will be no time to fix it. I had my appointment at the end of July and the wedding is in the middle of October. The dress should be done in September, so that gives me a month to correct any mistakes, but also gives them a little leeway if it takes longer than anticipated.
  2. Make sure to wear the shoes to the appointment that you want to wear for the wedding. That will make a big difference with how long or short they will make the dress. Whether you’re wearing 6-inch heels or Chacos (like me) it will make a difference in how the dress touches the ground or is at an awkward length.
  3. This goes along with the tip above, but make sure to have the bra you plan to wear on the big day. This will affect how the alterations will be on your chest. Just think about how things fit with a regular bra v. a sports bra, it looks different. The same thing could happen with your dress if you wear a different bra at the fitting than you plan to wear on the wedding day. To avoid any fitting mistakes I suggest pretty much having your wedding day attire ready by the alterations appointment.
  4. I know a lot of brides stress out about their body and working out. But, once you get those alterations you really need to just maintain and not try to lose any more weight. Don’t lose a dramatic amount of weight or gain a dramatic amount of weight that is what will cost the most $$$ to fix. It takes more money to let a dress out than it is to let a dress in.
  5.  The MOST important tip of them all: speak up! Tell the seamstress what feels comfortable and what doesn’t. You are going to be wearing this dress on a day you will never forget and you don’t want to be uncomfortable the whole time. If it feels too tight in the alterations room it will feel even tighter and uncomfortable on your wedding day.

Bottom line, you are spending all this money on alterations and on the actual dress you want to be comfortable and feel confident on the big day. Don’t be afraid to speak up to what feels good and go prepared to the appointment. It will save you money in the long run.


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