Not your average planner

There are so many great post about organizing your planner and making it cute. I love reading those post and awing at there use of stickers, pens and doodles. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to planners. 


Here are some awesome post by some fellow blogger about how they use there planners and some other organizational tips:

Here are some tips on how to organize a agenda:

Chic In Carolina Live the Prep Life Pastel N Pink

Here are some tips on how to stay organized and prepare for school:

Macarons and Mascara Absolutely Azanique College with Caitlyn

Here are some other unique organizational tips:

Kayla Blogs  My Crazy Hectic Life

Man, do I wish I could use my planner like that. I STRUGGLE to keep up with a planner sometimes and if y’all are like me I wanted to give you some other options. Every person is different and some things work for one person might not work for another.

img_0626I have a monthly planner that I use to write down test and important due dates. It is so hard for me to keep up with day to day planners so instead I just focus on the important stuff

img_0585I use my phone calendar A LOT! I use it mostly to schedule events or plans. I like using it for this so I can make sure I’m going where I need to go, but it also helps when I want to make plans so I don’t double book myself. On the iPhone you can sync your email and Facebook to your calendar so it will pull your events from there which helps big!img_0624img_0625These are kind of similar, but I use notepads to write down what I need to get done for the week or for they day. I will add a sticky note on the side of my laptop with something I want to get done for the day to help remind me to get it done. But, I also keep a bigger notepad on my desk next to where my computer is with things I want to get done for the week. It can be school related or just personal things I want to get done like cleaning my room or going to the store.

There are so many ways to stay organized and it works different for everyone. Find what works best for you and stick to it! The best thing you can do for yourself, especially during school, is to stay focused and organized.

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