3 ways to be travel ready

Traveling whether for the day or for a weekend there are things that need to get done. A list that needs to be checked off and a bag that needs to be packed. Here are some ways to be travel ready:

1. Make a list

Make a list of the things you need to do before you leave and the things you need to pack. Not only will it help you remember to do everything, it will help you feel accomplished when you cross off the things on your list. I love lists, they always keep me organized even if it’s just on a scratch paper

2. Check the weather for the destination you’re going to and make sure you know what activities you’ll be doing.

To pack successfully you need to know what the weather is like and what you will be doing to pack appropriate clothing. Whether it is hot or cold, if you’re swimming and will need to pack extra clothes. Knowing the plan for your trip is vital to planning how to pack for your trip.

3. Don’t overpack. 

Pack according to the number of days you will be gone. Packing efficiently will save you a lot in the long run. It will cause less undue laundry and make your pack lighter. I tend to want to have multiple outfits in case I spill or find inspiration for a blog post shoot, but I almost never wear half the  clothes I pack. I think about the fact if I had to carry that bag around with me all day would I want to?

6 thoughts on “3 ways to be travel ready

  1. I am a chronic over packer, but it seems like every time I intentionally cut back I don’t have everything I need! It’s a conundrum! Alyssa @ livinginfullbloom.com

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