The World in Pearls: Oklahoma 

I went with Jeremy and his family to Oklahoma over this past weekend for a family reunion. This was the second time I attended the family reunion and it was a blast! We explored Oklahoma and gathered around the pool with his family. It’s always a fun time.

This post is going to be a little different because it’s going to be more of a collection of photos and brief descriptions.

It was a long drive, but full of adventure!
When we finally arrived we threw our stuff in the rooms and headed for the pool with his family. The next day was full of adventure and family time. We went to the reunion and afterward we went to well near Fletcher, OK; where I climbed and navigated through rocks and water to reach the middle of the well on the rocks.
Jeremy was freaking out throughout my whole climb. After here we went to Mount Scott and explored the area.

Then before we went home we drove up Oklahoma to Altus and went to Lake Altus and explored over there.

img_5963img_5967img_5971img_5973img_5989Oklahoma was a blast! But, Texas will always have my heart! Click the picture below to see my vlog over the trip!

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