Honest Lululemon review

I got my first pair of Lululemon’s about 3 months ago and I am officially obsessed. I have tried the WunderUnder and the Align leggings from them. They are SO expensive and I always thought that they were not worth. I used to wear mostly Old Navy athletic leggings or Aerie’s leggings. I still have and love my Old Navy/Aerie leggings, but have totally been converted to Lululemon

So far both types of leggings I have are amazing. I do love them, but they both have there own strengths and weakness. I personally think they are worth the investment IF you are pretty active. I would not buy them to just lounge around or run errands.

Align leggings

  • They literally feel like you’re wearing nothing, they are SO soft
  • It allows a lot of free movement when doing Orange Theory and they are perfect when rowing!!!!
  • When I run on the treadmill they will sometimes kinda roll down, but for me, it doesn’t fall down enough to be an issue

WunderUnder leggings

  • These are a little thicker than the Align, but I honestly didn’t notice until after getting the Aligns
  • I feel like if I bend over or on the rowers because the band is so thick, it will roll over
  • They. Suck. You. In. It sucks everything in the right place and they look amazing
  • When I am running on the treadmill they ALWAYS stay up, which is always nice.

Overall, I love the leggings and think either style is totally worth it. I do have more pairs of the Align leggings because they are so versatile for where I work out the most. I think either pair you get you will NOT be disappointed.  I would love to hear your thoughts on if you think they’re worth it!

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