Fall bucket list 2017

I am so dang excited for fall. A part of me thinks I am extra excited because this fall I will have my own apartment and space to make all the fall decorations. I am also excited because this fall Jeremy and I will be MARRIED!

I wanted to make a fun fall bucket list of things I want to make or do! One thing you will not see on this list is anything pumpkin related. I honestly hate pumpkin flavored anything.

  1. Make a pie!!! I saw this hack video on crazy for cute pie crusts and tops and I am obsessed with them!
  2. Go to a cute pumpkin patch, pick out a cute pumpkin and go on a hayride.
  3. Make a fun fall wreath.
  4. Once it gets a little cooler and Jeremy and I are married and moved in have a movie night on our porch.
  5. Snuggle by the fireplace in our apartment.
  6. Carve a pumpkin.
  7. Decorate for Halloween.
  8. Learn to make stew or soup.
  9. Go to a football game.
  10. Visit the farmers market and love on the pups.
  11. Make a fleece blanket.
  12. Go to a fall festival.
  13. Take a hike.
  14. Go to the drive-in.
  15. Burn all the fall candles.
  16. Hammock, a lot.

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