Remember Gods path over the noise 

In exactly one month I will be getting married to my very best friend and I could not be more excited! But, I’m going to be super honest today.

As exciting as the season of being engaged is, it’s been hard on me. I have struggled with what other people have said about Jeremy and I’s engagement.

I have been asked MULTIPLE times if I was pregnant. People are always shocked when they find out I’m getting married when I look so young and they make sure to let me know.

I’m saying all of this to say to anybody embarking on something that others are wary of trust God. I know that this path is God-driven and that has given me SO much peace. It’s so hard to hear the negative comments and question if what you’re doing is right and God-driven.

The people who are saying the negative comments are people who don’t know Jeremy and I well. They are not people who are Spirit lead. In any situation look at the people who are saying the negative comments. Are they people who have influence in your life? Are they speaking life into you?

There is such a difference in someone speaking life to voice concerns and to just be negative. Make sure you can spot the differences and take the negative comments with a grain of salt as difficult as I know it is. I have been so blessed by Jeremy and his comfort through all of this. He has truly been my rock.

I just want to be an encouragement to somebody. If you’re engaged and their negative comments or any life decision just remember if you’re doing what God has called for your life then you’re on the right path.

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