I’m sure you know about the KimK nude photo she recently posted.

A grab for attention? A confidence boost for herself? Who knows why she posted that picture. Oh wait, as her caption stated she posted it because she had no clothes to wear!

But, what is devastating to me is how much power and influence she has in the media. There are so many girls that look up to. Her picture will not only send the wrong message that posting a photo like that is OK but, the way she posted it falsely represented who she is.

That photo is posted as if she took it that day, but in reality, the photo is from months ago pre-baby. Which she does not disclose until the next morning. She also later reveals that the photo was posted because she felt empowered and hoped to empower other women and girls, which was not mentioned anywhere in her original post. It almost seemed like the post was a cry for attention and admiration and when it backfired she changed the meaning so she could gain sympathy.

From the original posting and the information given this photo was not posted to be body positive nor did mention anything about empowerment. It was a cry for attention

It just breaks my heart that girls will see this photo and think that it is a realistic body to obtain. How do people like this become the center of media and become so influential?

They post pretty revealing things, but I feel like it was different this time. More in your face, more out there, it was different. It did not hold back and only censored enough so Instagram would not remove it.

We need better, more well-rounded people affecting the world. Someone who will set a good example for our rising generation. It is scary thinking about what people are going to think about after seeing this.

Some may just see a hot bod, other will use it as goals, but some, many, they will see this and just feel worse about themselves. They will compare themselves to her and they will continuously fall short. They are trying to be like her, the girl many guys obsess over, and try to find contentment in that instead of God.

For we are God’s masterpiece. Ephesians 2:10

We are God’s masterpiece no matter how big or small we are. We are created in God’s image. That is more rewarding and inspiring than any person or thing.

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