Why morning work-outs just work

For the month of April, I decided to challenge myself and work out in the morning at least during the weekdays. With the Orange Theory class times, there would be some days that I can’t go after work because of scheduling conflicts. But, if I went in the morning than there would be no excuse to miss a day!

For me, I found if I wake up a little earlier every day I can go to the gym before work. I woke up for a 6am workout Monday-Friday and I have felt so much better! I honestly wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep it up, but as the week went on it got easier and easier to wake up and head to the gym. It also helped me to go to bed earlier.

Once I started going in the morning I felt like I started my day in such a productive way. I felt like I accomplished something so early in the morning. I also felt awake by the time it ended and I feel like I get ready for work quicker.

Now that I am working out in the morning I don’t feel as rushed at night. Before I would get home, rush to make dinner and then head out to the gym. By the time I got home and showered it was time for bed. It just felt like a very rushed night, but now I am able to just come home and relax after a long day of work.

There are tons of just health benefits to working out in the morning that it will help kick start your metabolism. It also helps me drink a lot of water as the day starts which just makes me feel better throughout the day.

I find that I’ve made all of my workouts. I never skip or cancel. After a long day of work or if I get to work and can just tell it’s a long day I would cancel my workouts, but now I just get up and go.

Going at 6am may not be for everyone, but starting your day with a workout makes ALL the difference. I would totally challenge y’all to try just once a week to workout in the morning and just see how refreshed you’ll feel!

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