Winter survival kit

Winter is the best and worst time of the year. I love the holidays involved, but it is full of finals and a million chances to get sick. I compiled a winter survival guide, to help you get through these cold winter months. For Texas, it is just now getting cold, but just the stress of school makes this kit helpful! Head on over to my Instagram @RebekahKish for your chance to win this Winter Kit, it comes with everything above PLUS my smoothie recipe and a BeeByGBeauty coupon code!  Continue reading

Relax and rejuvenate through face masks

I love face masks, I think they are just the most relaxing. I also love how you can slap them on and forget about them for a little while, you can go do homework or you can relax and watch Netflix. I love taking Snapchat filtered selfies with them on so I retrieved all my selfies with the products. There ae so many different kinds of face masks so I compiled a few of my favorites!
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