How to make an apartment a home without the financial stress

If you and your future hubs are starting out fresh with NOTHING you will be banking on showers and the wedding to get a lot of the stuff that you need for your future home together. Jeremy and I are both coming from living at home with our parents and will be moving out for the first time so basically, we have nothing. I’ve got some coffee mugs and reusable water bottles, but that’s about it.

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5 reasons to have a small wedding

We are a little less than four months away from the big day and we just changed EVERYTHING!!! All of you other bride-to-be’s are probably freaking out for me when you read that first sentence. Well, don’t fret. I am beyond relieved. We started off wanting a small wedding which then turned into a medium sized wedding (70ish people) and that may not sound crazy, but it just became overwhelming.
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