Dear God,

I wrote a post earlier about how I am not sad about not having an Earthly father. But, recently I have just really recognized some tendencies that come with my lack of relationship with my Earthly father during one of my quiet times I wrote a letter to my dad as if I were to send it to him and I also wrote a letter to my Heavenly Father and I just felt very compelled to share it on here. I also added some awesome scripture at the bottom hat have helped me and comforted me,  Continue reading

Thy will be done

img_0077I was jamming out in the car and Thy Will came on the radio. I had just a moment of clarity. With school coming up and tuition needing to be paid I have been feeling defeated. That I am trying so hard to do everything I need to do and following Gods plan, but I am so stressed.

Think about how simple those words are, Thy will be done. Four words. But, they mean so much. They show so much surrenderance to Him. Continue reading

New Dreams

Reflecting over my first year of college and it is so crazy how much everything has changed.

I have the same major but God’s changed my path. Now I want to go into middle school/high school ministry. Something I have never imagined myself wanting to do. I never felt called to do anything like that, but after this year, being a small group leader I realized that I just wanted to do that all the time. That that would be the most fun and rewarding job of them all! Continue reading