How to chalk paint in 3 easy steps 

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I found some amazing chairs that I LOVED, but they were WAY out of my price range. I said goodbye to them and soon found some awesome chairs with great potential. I decided to buy those chairs and do the same chalk paint idea on those chairs as I saw on the super expensive chairs.

I realized how easy Chalk painting actually was, but when I tried to find the how to do it before I started it  was over complicated, so I decided to keep it simple. Continue reading

3 tips to furnish on a budget 

I am so excited to be getting married and living with Jeremy, once we’re married! There are about 6 months until the ‘I do’s’ and there’s so much that’s done so now I get to have fun finding stuff for our future home!

I’m going to start adding some DIY to the blog as the journey continues, all household DIY will be under DIY Cloud Fife tag. I didn’t realize how expensive the furniture I loved would be and quickly found out how to get what I loved without spending a lot of money.  Continue reading