Part-time job, full-time student

img_5149I started working my senior year of high school as a hostess at a Italian restaurant down the street from my house. I loved that job, I loved having a job. I worked there for about 6 months before I left to go to Lowe’s. Lowe’s was a great job, but I couldn’t see myself moving up and there were other things going on that led me to apply at my current job, Costco. I started working at Costco my first week of my freshman year of college. It was a lot of change all at once, but I loved it. I love Costco and I have loved the year I have spent there! Continue reading

Moving on

My senior year of high school my newsfeed was almost always bombarded with the acceptance letter, then that summer my feeds were bombarded with dorm room pictures. But, what about those who didn’t go off to school. The ones who stayed home and went to community college, they evidently get their chance. I am getting my chance. I will be finishing my time at my community college after this year and move on to a four-year university! Continue reading

3 benefits to online classes

When I first signed up for online classes I was nervous about how I would do. I didn’t know if I would like it or if I would even be successful.


I started my online experience with public speaking and interpersonal communication throughout the summer and did awesome. I loved the structure of the classes and the freedom to work ahead. This fall semester I took another online class and have been beyond happy. I was a little weary, again, just about the structure, but I realized that most teachers create online classes in a similar structure.  Continue reading

Back to school basics: 3 things you need in your backpack 

There is only three weeks left until school starts so i will be doing a three-week-three-point series about school! I will bring up the basics to be successful in your start to school!

In your backpack, almost everyone has those specifics like a charger or some pens. But, here is a list of some stuff to stick in your backpack that you might not have thought about!: Continue reading

New Dreams

Reflecting over my first year of college and it is so crazy how much everything has changed.

I have the same major but God’s changed my path. Now I want to go into middle school/high school ministry. Something I have never imagined myself wanting to do. I never felt called to do anything like that, but after this year, being a small group leader I realized that I just wanted to do that all the time. That that would be the most fun and rewarding job of them all! Continue reading