Packing hacks

Jeremy and I LOVEEE traveling especially now that we’re married and get to go on overnight trips! Now that I am packing for two I’ve found some ways to pack most efficiently.

I would much rather pack one big suitcase rather than two duffle bags, that’s less for Jeremy to carry(; It has just made it so much easier in so many different ways.

Even when we are just going on one overnight trip I will pack everything in a suitcase. It is just so much easier to see everything that you’ll need and it fits literally everything. When I’ve used a duffle that will fit everything shirts will get wrinkly and its just a mess once we need something out of it.

When packing for a certain type of trip be really intentional with what you will actually need. If you’re going to be outside a lot pack sunscreen and aloevera, if you burn like me! If you’re not going to be outside a lot don’t pack sunscreen! It’s so simple but you always want to pack any possible item you may need, but keep it to the essentials.

Using travel size bottles for toiletries is such a space saver!! I got some travel size bottles for all of our products and we have so much more space in our suitcase even for just a one night trip. The easiest way I found to clean them is run them under warm water and get any extra product out of the bottle then put them all in a bowl of soapy warm water, I let it sit there for an hour or so then run it with just regular warm water and rinse them out. It got all the product out and cleaned it!!

Rolling pants will save so much space without wrinkling any clothes. We mostly wear jeans and those won’t get wrinkled easily. It also makes it easier to just grab them out of the suitcase instead of sifting through folded clothes.

I try  my HARDEST to only pack what I know I will wear. I look at everything we have planned to do an only pack for those activites. Trying not to overpack saves so much room and so much laundry after the trip.

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