A few of my favorite things: April

I have been watching TONS of favorite videos on Youtube and decided to do a favorites blog post. Life has just been so busy at work and I have just not had a lot of creative juices flowing or even drive to blog anything. I felt like the easiest thing was to write a favorites post!


I feel like favorite videos or blog post are so fun to read or watch. I love finding new products to obsess over. I hope y’all can try some of these products and love them as much as I do!!

I have been obsessing over The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. It is SO good and I have been binge watching it! I saw the ad’s for it and thought it was such a weird concept, but after watching it I have been obsessed!!

img_0808I love this NYX lip puff. I love the color and how it applies. I love these like deeper nude colors. I like how it applies so much!!!! It applies so well and I love that I don’t get too much on my lips.

img_0796I have been obsessed with this eucalyptus oil for my diffuser. It is such a refreshing smell!  I love mixing it with an orange or peppermint oil.

img_0774Influenster sent me a package of some awesome products and one in particular that I have been loving is this shaving cream. I have never really used shaving cream, but I have really liked using this when I shave my legs.

img_0797-1When I saw that Yeti was doing a coral collection I told Jeremy that I NEEDED to snag one!! I love the color and I have loved this size. I can fit exactly one water bottle or cup of coffee and ice without having too much in the bottle.

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