6 things I’ve learned in 6 months of marriage

Marriage is crazy y’all! I have learned SO much about myself and about Jeremy in these last 6 months! Time has just flown by. Being married a lot different than I imagine, it’s a lot harder than I imagined.


This season is filled with a lot of adjustments. We are having to get used to living with each other and just living on our own. We are just at a totally different place in our relationship it’s crazy to think about how far we’ve come! I’ve learned SO much about myself and about Jeremy in these last 6 months.

  1. I didn’t realize how particular I was when it came to how things are done. I’ve totally turned into my mother and have had to let that go and consciously stop myself sometimes. Ive learned I need to be happy that Jeremy’s doing whatever I’m asking and not worry about HOW he’s doing it.
  2. Not everyday is going to be great and now that we’re living together we see the really ugly sides sometimes. After a long day at work and other stresses going on sometimes I don’t give Jeremy my best self. I’ve learned that we’re in this forever and that means we’re going to act a fool toward each other but to give love and grace through those bad moments.
  3. I put a lot of pressure on myself as a wife. I wanted to cook dinner every night and do all these things I thought would make me a “good” wife. But I’ve learned that, number 1, you can’t put that much pressure on yourself or you’ll always feel like you failed and, number 2, that me making dinner every night doesn’t make me a good wife. Loving my husband the way Jesus loves me is how I’ll forever be a good wife.
  4. I’ve learned that money is truly the root of all evil. The stress of making sure all the bills are paid and that we’re making smart financial sections is overwhelming at first. Having to trust another person that they’re making good financial choices. I think since being married I have put a lot of weight on money and I did lose sight and faith that God will always provide. Through this season I have seen God provide and that has given me so much peace!
  5. Alone time is just as important as couple time. I was an only child and really treasured my alone time between the time I came home from school and the time my mom came home from work. Working very similar schedules when we first got married made alone time close to impossible. Now we work a few hours off of each other and I have the morning to myself and I have seen the fruit of this! I would get so snappy to Jeremy after awhile. I needed some time to myself to just decompress, unwind and just not think. I think spending time as a couple is SO important, obviously, but sometimes it’s okay for him to play video games in the living room and me watch YouTube in the bedroom just to have some separation.
  6. I always knew how important and great it was that Jeremy and I went to church together. But since being married everything feels different. When we’re listening to a sermon about raising kids it seems a little more important because that is a stage of life we will hopefully be in a few years. Learning and growing together in our faith as we navigate newlywed life. Sitting together at Church is awesome but also connecting in small groups separately with likeminded individuals has been a relationship changer. We have people in our life to lift us up and encourage us in a biblically based way. People who are for us separately as Christians but also who are for us as a couple! Getting really plugged in to your church will change your relationship and you will see that fruit in every aspect of your life.

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