Skincare routine + hacks

I have finally found the perfect trifecta for my skin! I am so excited, I have tried so many products but have finally found the best products that I actually see results with. My skin isn’t always perfect, but I can totally tell that my skin just feels better even if it has a few blemishes.img_0358

On top of sharing my fav skin care products, I wanted to include a few tips to help keep your skin feeling the best and ways to avoid blemishes. I tried to link everything I talked about in this post! I hope this helps, let me know in the comments!

img_0350So every night I will use this Garnier cleanser to get all my makeup off. I usually do this step in the shower.

img_0351Once I am out of the shower, I will use Micellar Cleansing water from Garnier to get my mascara off better. Usually, the cleanser will get most, but not all of my mascara off.

img_0352Once my face if free from all the makeup I will the Burts Bee’s toner all over my face applying it in a circular motion. Around my nose, I make sure to use an upward motion to get the little indent my nose has.

I will let my toner dry then apply Clean and Clear acne spot treatment. I got this a little before my wedding and have been loving it and it clears blemishes up SO quickly.

img_0355Once the spot treatment is pretty dry I will put on Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer. I finally bought a full size, for the longest time I was just using the sample size. On this, a little goes a LONG way so this will last me forever!! It is a little pricey, but totally worth it. The sample probably lasted me a good 6 months. Now Jeremy will use the sample on his little ears that got sunburnt.

I do this pretty much after my shower at night or anytime I am just taking my makeup off for the day. It is so important to have some kind of skin routine even if it’s just taking off your makeup.


In the morning I pretty much just wash my face with a washcloth and cold water along with my acne spot treatment. I read a while ago that the oils your face produce at night are actually good for your skin. I haven’t noticed any negatives from doing this.

I will usually do an avocado facemask at least once a week or a good scrub mask. I don’t do these every day because they can take away those natural oils your face makes and can be harsh doing them that consistently. If I do this one day I try to not put a lot of heavy makeup on the next day to let my face just kinda rest and soak in whatever mask I used.

I try at least one day a week to not wear foundation. If I am just running errands or don’t have work I won’t put on any foundation. If I shower in the middle of the day and then need to put makeup on for some reason I won’t put foundation on then either. I don’t think the foundation is bad per say, but I do think to let your skin breath whenever you can help.

I try to buy a high-quality primer and foundation. As good as it is to have a good skincare routine it is also good to put products on your face that are good for your skin to help prevent breakouts. I’m not saying you need to go out and buy some super expensive products, but I think just making sure what you’re buying is good quality and fits your skin type will help tremendously. I use Benefit Porefessional Primer and Two-face Born this way foundation.

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