Best food of Lafayette, Lousiana

Our trip to Lousiana was full of SO much food! It was such a fun weekend, but the food was just so yum! We went to Lousiana thinking we’d eat at the Airbnb for most meals, but that did not happen. The food is just so good and sounds so good we couldn’t pass it up!


Deano’s Pizza 305 Bertrand Dr. Lafayette, LA 70506

We went to Deano’s for dinner one night and it’s the best pizza I have ever had! Jeremy got the pizza burger which just looked like a heart attack, but Jeremy said it was good. My meat’s pizza was AMAZING I dug into three pieces at the restaurant and we took the rest home. BUT, Jeremy forgot the leftovers in the car so we didn’t get to finish it!!

Pouparts Bakery 1902 W. Pinhook Rd. Lafayette, LA 70508

img_0226Pouparts Bakery was such an amazing bakery. When you walked in it just smelt good! We each shared these yum treats and it was SO good. Just the ambiance of this bakery was just the cutest. It was just like an old style bakery and the treats were the best!

Johnson’s Boucaniere 1111 St. John St. Lafayette, LA 70501


We dropped into Johnson’s Boucaniere for lunch and had the BEST boudin balls I have ever had, although I do not have a picture of. Jeremy and I both got grilled cheese. Mine, pictured above, was grilled cheese and brisket. Jeremy got a boudin grilled cheese. It was so yummy and it was so nice to just sit out on the patio and enjoy these grilled cheese.

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