3 ways to overcome self doubt

I feel like I am my own worse enemy most of the time. It is so hard to stay focused and stay motivated when you begin to doubt yourself.

img_0082I came up with a few ways that help me when I am stuck in a rut. It can be at work pursuing my license, with blogging or even doubting my wifey abilities.

  1. Make a mental or written list of all you’ve accomplished. Remind yourself of all the good things you have done to help motivate you to continue on. Looking back on all you’ve accomplished will help you want to accomplish more.
  2. When you start to lose interest or lose momentum make a list of all that you can do. If you’re struggling to keep up with your blog make a schedule plan. This will help you kinda force yourself to get back into the rhythm. If it is something you love and you just feel blocked get a pen and paper and just let your creative juices flow.
  3. I find that most of the time I get discouraged from comparing myself to what others are achieving.  Once I stopped looking at what everyone else was doing and putting myself down because of it I had such a confidence change. It truly changed my mindset when I was just focusing on what I was able to do and just being happy with what others were accomplishing without jealousy or comparison.

I hope this helps somebody! The root of this issue lies within the comparison trap and how we view ourselves! Once we get that under control everything else will fall into place.

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