14 special things to do for your valentine

I am extra excited about Valentine’s Day this year because it’s the first Valentine’s Day Jeremy and I will be spending as husband and wife!! It’s kind of a bummer that it’s on a Wednesday this year, but theirs stills ton of great stuff that you can do to make this a special day in the mist of a normal buy day.


Jeremy and I aren’t doing anything crazy on the actual day because of work and school. But it’s still a day that deserves to be a little extra special! These aren’t all just date or gift ideas, but special things to do for a loved one this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Leave them a sweet note by their keys
  2. Take them to a surprise dinner at their favorite restaurant
  3. Surprise them with their favorite morning drink
  4. Breakfast in bed
  5. Find a great devotional to start together
  6. Have a picnic lunch or dinner
  7. Look at old photos together
  8. Create a special playlist for them to jam to on their morning commute
  9. Go out for your dessert
  10. Give each other your favorite book for the other to read
  11. Write a thoughtful card or letter
  12. Cook dinner together
  13. Have a movie marathon and grab their fav movie snacks
  14. Make ice cream sundaes together

The most important part of Valentine’s Day is showing the people you love that they are special to you. Do something that y’all will both enjoy and try to get into a habit of showing that appreciation more often than on a holiday.

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