13 White elephant gift ideas

I love doing white elephant gift exchanges but sometimes it can be so stressful! You’re not buying a gift for somebody specific you’re just buying for a general audience.


Finding a gift that anybody would be happy with requires a lot of thought. You need to think about who will mostly be there. If you’re doing it with a bunch of gals the gift ideas are going to be so different than with a mixed group of people.

Some people also do white elephant as new gifts and some people play where you have to bring something you already own which can also be difficult. Here are a few ideas, I’ve categorized them to make it a little easier!

For gals:

  1. Pampering kit with some fun bath salts, some face masks, and a bath bomb.
  2. A nail polish set with one or two polishes, toe separator, and some cute files.
  3. Cozy kit with fuzzy socks, blankets, and a candle.

For guys:

  1. Knife’s or tools I feel like you can’t go wrong with something like that.
  2. Cologne or shave set they have some great sets at target for men

For anybody:

  1. Movie night kit with a five dollar movie, candy, and popcorn.
  2. A coffee gift bag you can get a big mug and fill it with a gift card to Starbucks and grab a few single pods of fun coffee.
  3. A bag full of candy this can be a really great gift that will give somebody a lot of options

When it comes to White Elephants that you just bring things from your house it can be difficult! Making sure what you have is in good enough condition to give it to someone else is essential! I put together some ideas of things to gift, as long as they’re in good condition!

  1. Mugs or cups
  2. Unused candle
  3. Scarf
  4. House decor
  5. Unused kitchen utensils

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