How to buy everything for everybody on a budget

I feel like Christmas can be such a stressful time of year when it comes to money. You want to get gifts for everyone you love, but you also have to maintain all the same bills and expenses.


  1. Be realistic about what you can afford. You should not be going into debt to buy gifts for your friends and family.
  2. Write out your budget.Figuring out how much you spend all together is important and then dividing and conquering. I think it is so easy to either overspend or underspend on somebody without writing the budget out for each individual person and sticking to that budget.
  3. Once you have the money part down figure out what you are wanting to buy everyone and write it out. That will help you keep on the lookout when you’re out and about.
  4. Make the most of your money by finding coupons and sales on the items you are wanting to get somebody.
  5. Go to the sale sections first and see if the item you’re wanting to buy is there. You can also keep watch of the items online so when they go on sale you can snag them!
  6. If buying is not an option get creative and make them something. It can be a watercolor print or a sweet scrapbook of fun memories and pictures you had laying around.
  7. Remind yourself that it’s the thought that counts. Nobody is expecting you to show up with hundred dollar gifts for everybody. Be creative and thoughtful and everyone will love what you got them.

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