The best places to buy Christmas decorations

When we started decorating for Christmas we didn’t have much. My mom gave us some stuff to use in our apartment including a Christmas tree, but we pretty much started from nothing like most people do. I found so many really cute decorations from EVERYWHERE.


I felt like I got a lot of stuff from somewhere other than Target (shocking I know) and felt the need to document and share. Don’t get me wrong, I got TONS of stuff from Target, but I also ventured out and found a lot of great products elsewhere.

  1. HomeGoods: Anytime I go in their it is always so overwhelming because they just have so much stuff, but that also means they have so many great goodies. I found these cute little figurines that were just too precious to pass up.
  2. Marshals or Ross: They have such great stuff and sometimes they’ve got nothing. It truly is a hit or miss opportunity with them. But when they have cute stuff it’s like you hit the mother load.
  3. Michael’s or Hobby Lobby: The whole store turns into a winter wonderland and they truly have some of the sweetest stuff and you almost always can find a coupon. On Black Friday we found these sweet mini Christmas trees that had a burlap base on sale plus a coupon! It was a STEAL!
  4. World Market or Pier One: These places are very similar, but also very different in style. These stores are a little on the pricey side of things, but when they have a sale or you have a coupon it is such a great place to shop. They have such cute ornaments and decorations for your house.
  5. AtHomes was formerly known as Garden Ridge: They are like a warehouse of home goods. This is a store I can get lost in. They have just aisles and aisles of decore and it is all so reasonably priced.  Anything you can think of they will probably have it.

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