15 great stocking stuffers

Jeremy and I decided to get each other a few gifts, but also fill each other’s stockings with fun little gifts. I think giving stocking stuffers is such a cute gift idea. Whether it’s with somebody you are living with or you buy a stocking and fill it up with the goodies and give it to them as a gift instead of a wrapped up present!img_4274

Here are a few things and categorizes to stuff that stocking with the PERFECT gifts!!

  1. Their favorite candy.
  2. $5 or $10 gift cards to their favorite fast food restaurant.
  3. Small trinkets from the Target dollar section, like some cute pens or candles.
  4. DVD’s or, for Jeremy, a video game.
  5. Makeup or stuff for an at-home spa day for the girls.
  6. Cologne or aftershave for the guys.
  7. Cozy fuzzy socks.
  8. Card games.
  9. Essential oils.
  10. Kitchen items.
  11. Small tools.
  12. Gloves, mitts or a beanie.
  13. Jewelry.
  14.  Tumbler or mug.
  15. New earplugs or headphones.

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