7 Christmas traditions to start as newlyweds

I am so excited for this Christmas as a newlywed and with our new apartment! I am so excited to be decorating our apartment and making our own traditions as a new family.


With all these Black Friday sales I found tons of cute Christmas decorations. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and this year I am especially excited for this season.

Make cute ornaments specific to your new last name. If you’re anything like me I am obsessed with finding all F related things!! I found this idea on Pinterest to use Scrabble pieces to spell out anything for an ornament. I decided to use our wedding hashtag! #OnCloudFife


I feel like you HAVE to have a picture ornament with a wedding picture in it and the year. It will be so fun to look back years from now and have that sweet memory on your Christmas tree.


Decorate the Christmas tree and bake cookies. Those Pillsbury snowman cookies would be perfect and easy to make. You don’t have to make homemade cookies just something to snack on. We popped popcorn, made hot cocoa and ate some yum cookies while decorated the tree.

Start a new tradition. Jeremy and I decided that we were going to get matching Christmas jammies every year and once we have kids we are going to get them matching jammies too!

Grab hot cocoa, get in the car and drive around to see all the Christmas lights. Theirs a neighborhood near us that each street is a theme and they all put lights up. There is so much traffic, but it is such a fun night!


Get a Christmas advent calendar. My mom gave me this one and we will put small nicknacks, cash, and notes in the pockets as go day by day.

Send out Christmas cards. Give everybody a life update and you’ll also have something to look back on years later. As your family grows you’ll see that in the Christmas cards, make sure to save them!!

What are some traditions you have with your family? Let me know down below I would love to hear them and possibly add them to our list!

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