3 wedding day touches

I’m married!!! I am so happy with how everything turned out. The wedding was perfect, it was a blissful evening! I was surrounded by so many amazing friends and family. Jeremy was so honky and his vows were AMAZING. I was able to add so many fun wedding touches and I wanted to share some ideas with y’all!

For those of y’all who don’t know, we switched from a bigger wedding at a venue to a smaller wedding in my grandparent’s backyard. I am so glad we went this route, but it added a lot of added stuff to my to-do list. But, I also had a lot of freedom to do whatever I wanted. I put together a few things that I created for the wedding.


This was a Pinterest based idea that I LOVED. Reading through some of the dates that the kids wrote were the CUTEST. I loved this idea and it will make it so easy to find fun date ideas for date night. (If you have any date ideas leave them in the comments!!)


We used a bible as our sign in book and it truly is one of the sweetest things we did. This is our first family bible and it just makes it so special! It will be fun when we are flipping through to see our friends and families signatures.


Using those small string lights to accent different areas of the wedding gave it such a light and airy feeling. We decorated the whole backyard with lights so adding those small lights inside gave it a more cohesive feel. I found all of those lights in the dollar section at Target and they worked out perfectly.

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