Gift guide: Bride to be

I have picked out some of the cutest gifts you can give your fav brides-to-be! I think it is so important to buy the bride and the couple gifts off of their registry, They put things on there that they need, but these are a few cute trinkets are perfect to add personality to a registry bought gift.

You can really only wear or have engaged themed items for a small amount of time, but enjoy it and find that bride some cute shirts or house hold items. Now that I have kinda been through it, I would 100% rather have something off our registry before anything else because we went through and picked things we NEED. Especially since we are starting from almost nothing. But adding a small cute gift to the registry gift these are perfect!!

I love the bride vibe shirt that I got here and the off the market ring holder. It’s fun to just celebrate the engagement and these small touches are perfect to gift to your bride to be bestie.

I am obsessed with anything that has Mrs. on it and this bad is no exception. The soon to be hubby doesn’t have a lot of changes, but going to Mrs is so exciting and something to be celebrated and finding Mrs. themed things to add to gifts is a great touch and something that will be carried on for awhile.

Again, these brides are changing their last name! Anything with a monogram or the new last name initial on it are perfect to give any bride. I’m obsessed with this monogrammed coffee mug, I now have SO many ‘F’ mugs and I am so happy about it. I’ve also received some monogram decals and a monogrammed sweater here that I am obsessed with how comfy and cozy it is.

These CorkyCo coasters are PERFECT for, honestly, anybody! I got a customized coaster with my new monogram on it which is perfect and Bianca worked with me to create it! I also got the Mr&Mrs coasters which I am so pumped about! I am so obsessed with everything Mrs. related and this is no different! The coasters are hand made which I am always for and they are such a great quality I can’t wait to use them in our new home very soon, but for now, I am enjoying them on my desk! I did receive these products for free for my review and share, but all opinions are my own. 


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