Best drug store foundations

I have combination skin so finding a good foundation is super hard that will work where I am oily and where the skin is more normal. I found some awesome foundations that work well with combination skin and not super expensive.

I typically will think the foundations are fantastic, but when it gets closer to my more oily areas it will get super flakey and cakey. I have not had the best yet UNTIL now! I am so excited with these three products and they all have different pros and cons.

img_3303img_3296I will use L’Oréal lumni cushion liquid foundation for my everyday coverage. It is super buildable and works so well with combination skin. It was a little weird because it is a liquid foundation, but it’s like a powder foundation with like a sponge that has all the foundation soaked into it. It came with an applicator, but I honestly liked using a damp beauty blender instead. It was easier to control the product and easier to apply. It feels so light on my skin and that was my favorite aspect of this product. So many liquid foundations feel thick and cakey and this just glides on my skin!

I tried Revlon’s BB cream and it’s SO different than I expected. It is super creamy, but not too thick. I don’t think I would like it for an everyday makeup, but it’s perfect for days when I know I will be out in the sun or even just putting it on for a lazy day of errands. It has great coverage, it is a little light so it won’t cover EVERYTHING, but it will even out your skin which is honestly all I need. I wasn’t sure how the BB cream would work with my combination skin and it honestly worked well, it does have a hint of a sunscreen smell.

I haven’t used a powder foundation since like middle school. I tried out this foundation to see how much coverage the powder would give and it was honestly surprising. I did use a damp beauty blender which I think helped the coverage go on a little thicker. This is definitely not a full coverage product, I honestly don’t think any powder foundation is meant for full coverage. But, like the BB cream, it is so great for a lighter feeling and more relaxed day. It is perfect for just casual days that you want makeup on, but not a full face of makeup.

The L’Oréal Foundation won my vote and it will be my go-to on most occasions. I am going to use all the foundations for all the different occasions, but the one that gave me the most coverage was the L’Oréal one! It’s just so good for a long day of work!

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