How to expand your wardrobe

Now there is no way in heck that I am a fashion blogger, but I do love saving money and buying pieces of clothing that will fit more than one occasion. It is so important to find pieces that you can wear in any situation, that’s the proof of a good purchase! I feel like you expand your wardrobe when you buy something that can be worn in more than one way.


Jeremy and I were walking in the mall and I saw this top in H&M and was immediately drawn to it. I love the sleeves on it and just how it’s such a cute and simple shirt. I honestly love the color, I almost never wear reds so it really gave my wardrobe a little bit of a facelift. When I saw this shirt I immediately saw it being able to be worn in so many different aspects.

IMG_3190I love this look with slacks. I think it is perfect for where I work. It is nice and dressy, but also comfortable. The top is so soft and so comfy and it is just perfect for work. I loved to pair it with my old navy slacks and some flats and rock it to work.

img_2980I think this is such a summery shirt with the bright orange/red color. I felt like it’s a new brained to pair it with shorts. I think it is perfect to pair with jean shorts and a strappy sandal or converse. I love it with the regular jean shorts as well as tucked in with the baggier jean shorts as shown.img_3180I love my boyfriend jeans SO much! I love wearing them anywhere whether it is work or just hanging out. Pairing these jeans with this shirt was a no brainer. I like that the boyfriend jeans aren’t tight all the way down and I think it compliments the shirt well. Not every style of shirt goes well with boyfriend jeans and I think this type of shirt did.

What do you do to expand your wardrobe?  I linked the pieces down below if you are interested in any of these clothing pieces. I could not find the shirt, which actually sucks because it’s the whole point of this post!!!

Slacks / Old NavyShorts / A&E / Old Navy similar Jeans similar / Old Navy 

Necklace / ARL Pearls 

I also did a fun YouTube video that kinda talks about this topic as well on my channel so make sure to check it out here.

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