5 unexpected surprises  since graduating High School 

When I graduated high school (2 years ago) I had such a skewed view of my future. I had my mind made up to this path that I HAD to go down. I could have missed so many great opportunities because I was so narrow-minded. I can’t even imagine the things that I did miss on because I left myself in this box.

This is my first August in 20 years that I did not have to prepared for school. I decided to do a round-up of some memorable the things that have happened to me these past two years that I would not have expected in a MILLION years!

  1. I became a leader of an amazing group of  EIGHT GRADE girls!!!! I can’t believe those sweet sixth graders from two years ago are now about to finish their last year of middle school. I am just in awe that God placed me in this position to love on the most amazing group of girls.
  2. Taking sign language. This was honestly one of my favorite classes through my whole educational career. Not only did I learn a language, but I also learned about their culture and history. This class really opened my eyes to the deaf community and I am so happy for that.
  3. Not going to a four-year university *gasp*!! If you know me on a more personal level you know going to college and getting a degree is where I was headed (and I did, with an Associates degree), but not going back to school to get my Bachelors was a tough decision. The decision I made gave me such relief, but my insecurity and box I put myself in making it a decision I took awhile to communicate.
  4. Wanting to be licensed to dispense hearing aids!!!!! I currently work at the Hearing Aid Center at Costco doing mostly clerical work, but also working on aids a little and helping members with any questions or quick fixes. This was a big reason I didn’t go off to school. My passions were directed into wanting to go into dispensing hearing aids and getting more involved with the youth ministry at my church and both of those paths don’t need a four-year degree and thousands of dollars of debt to accomplish those goals.
  5. Getting engaged/married before I am 21. I knew from the beginning that I was going to marry Jeremy it was more about the when than the if. Things just fell into place for us to be able to get married and afford to start a life together. I would have never imagined even a year ago that I would be getting ready to marry my best friend in October.

Seeing all of these back to school posts have really made me reflect on the sections and direction my life is going that I just felt needed to be shared. My biggest advice to ANYONE at ANY stage is to do what your heart tells you to do and don’t put yourself in a box because, trust me, God has bigger plans for your life that would never be able to fit in that box!

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