July highlights

I’ve seen a few other bloggers do similar posts to this and decided I would give it a try. This post is a little different than what I normally do. I am going to justs have a collection of some of my favorite things that happened this month! There are some products and coffee shops that I found that I loved as well as just some highlights of the month.

I am actually pretty excited for this post! This is just a combination all of the fun stuff that happened this month and things I bought and LOVED. This really helped me think back and go over some awesome experiences and accomplishments I made. These types of post might become a more routine style because I am loving it and I hope y’all do too!

June 30- July 1IMG_2457We went to Jeremy’s family reunion with his parents and sister. He made me wear this shirt to the actual reunion and everyone thought it was my idea! We had a blast hanging with family!

July 6

img_2566I hit over 100 page views and post views for the first time! It may sound like a small number to some, but I am pumped about it! Click the photo to check out the post that broke the record! This post just gave me so much excitement for blogging and wanted to do better!

July 9

I bought the cutest OTS Aerie dress! I tend to feel like the OTS elastic feels too tight, but this one feels so comfy and it is so cute! I am so excited about this purchase and it was on SALE! I couldn’t find the dress online, sorry!!

July 12


I refinanced my car #adult and tried out a new coffee shop in the area Rice Brothers Coffee which was literally so good!! When the lady told me it would be $3 for a large I did not believe her! They are also a resale shop I am so excited to go back there when I have more time and look around!

July 16

Jeremy and I had a fun date night. We went and saw the new spider man (10/10 recommend) and browsed Target! The best date nights are just strolling without a strict schedule, just being with each other! Another plus was that we got FREE tickets to the movie! It was a new theater in the area and they sent out vouchers for two free tickets to a movie!

July 17

I had the BEST grilled cheese of my life from Jane and John Dough Bakery!!! If you live near Tomball I suggest you go and get this sandwich RIGHT NOW! Jeremy brought me lunch at work and brought me this! It was such a yum lunch and honestly way too much food!!

July 21

Now, this isn’t exactly a highlight, but I got my wisdom teeth out!!!! It was not nearly as bad as I thought, but I have been taking meds around the clock and icing my jaw a lot! I think I am going to do a wisdom teeth survivor guide later, let me know if that is something you would want to read in the comments! BUT, the highlight of this whole wisdom teeth debacle is that I fell in love with Chick-fil-a Mac and Cheese!!!! It is so good and it has like a crunchy top layer and it is so amazing!! I basically lived off of that Mac and Cheese and pudding.

July 23

I spent most of the day laying around icing my jaw. A lot of the pain has gone down to my jaw and my jaw is still pretty swollen. I’m watching some fun YouTube videos and scrolling through Pinterest with my dog. It started raining not long before this pictures and I decided to open the windows and enjoy the rain! I love watching the rain!

July 30

I got new glasses!!!!! I haven’t had new glasses in probably two or three years so I’m so excited to have some new specs!

I really enjoyed this style of post and I hope y’all did too! Let me know in the comments below!

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