Jeremy and I have every Sunday and Monday off now and it is so good! We can go to church together on Sunday’s and have lunch, but also run around and hang out together on Mondays. I’ll be taking y’all through last Monday with us!!

I got some post inspo from CristinaWasHere and decided to set up this post hourly! I really liked the feel of her post so I hope y’all like it as well! I think it’s neat to see the just plain jane stuff bloggers do.


Wake up and make breakfast. This wasn’t done together, but just to get an idea of where the day starts.


We roll out to go to Starbucks. I’ve got a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and some blog planning to do. The past few weeks have been super hectic and the blog took a little bit of a backseat!


I realize that there are ONLY 100 more days until the wedding and I freak out and post a picture (duh). That means by the time this post comes out there will only be 93 days until the wedding and that, my friends, is double digits. Click the photo to go to my Instagram! Follow us along on this crazy adventure!


We leave Starbucks with some awesome post planned out on the blog and Jeremy now has 84 balls on the Ballz game he is obsessed with. We both had a very productive Starbucks sesh.


img_2763We meet Jeremy’s mom for lunch at work and talk and enjoy some time with her. It was so much fun to just sit and chat. We also grab some free boxes to help pack up some stuff we had bought last weekend. I also got the CUTEST toy with my meal!


We go to my grandma’s house to box up some stuff and hang out with them. We have been so blessed they opened up their office to us so we can just keep everything there instead of overloading our rooms! I can’t wait to take everything out of these boxes and into our apartment!


My mom is off work now and we go with her to Michael’s. It is honestly so much fun and Jeremy and I are just cracking up the whole time! I also got a calligraphy pen and some chalk markers to start practicing for some wedding decorations! I am so excited to test out my skills in the next few days!


We head over to Jared’s to pick out our wedding bands!!!!!!!!! This was so much fun and honestly did not take that long at all! Jeremy pretty much knew what he wanted and I was really unsure, but once I tried on the band I ended up choosing I just KNEW. That’s how everything has gone, it has been so easy and I am SO happy for that!


I get home and start some laundry and clean up my room a little. Nothing too exciting or glamorous.


I head back over to Jeremy’s to watching Counting On with his mom. I honestly love that show and love watching it with her. We just sit and chat throughout the commercials and enjoy the show together. We both watched the show since the beginning and we can’t imagine not watching it, it’s become our new Monday night ritual!


I get home from Jeremy’s and chat with my mom for a few minutes then hop in the shower. I left a few things out from before I left so I put those things away too.


I finish this post up and I am going to watch Moana until Jeremy calls me. I saw it in theaters and LOVED it and am SO glad it is on Netflix. I started it last night but got too tired to finish it + Jeremy called me.

I loved writing this post! It’s fun to just reflect on the day (I may or may have created a note to help me remember the specific times). I hope y’all enjoyed this post and its style! If you liked it and want more post like this to let me know in the comments! I also created a new tag on the blog called ThisFifeLife. Be sure to check back later for more fun FifeLife stuff!

2 thoughts on “Monday-funday

  1. This post is so cute!! I love the pictures you took throughout your day, and I love this kind of post as a way to get to know you better! So cute and congrats again on the wedding! 🙂

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