How to make an apartment a home without the financial stress

If you and your future hubs are starting out fresh with NOTHING you will be banking on showers and the wedding to get a lot of the stuff that you need for your future home together. Jeremy and I are both coming from living at home with our parents and will be moving out for the first time so basically, we have nothing. I’ve got some coffee mugs and reusable water bottles, but that’s about it.

On top of that were having a super small wedding which means not a lot will be bought off our registry (which is totally fine and expected), but now we have to make sure we have what we need for our new home without blowing the bank as well as not buy things that will be bought from those invited to the wedding.

  1. Get dishes, whether you want just a whole set or a have a bunch of different plates, bowls, and cups from a bunch of different places. Buy a few here and there or save up to buy the set! If you are doing a bunch of random plates then wait for them to go on sale and go back to buy them!
  2. Kitchen utensils, these are so easy to periodically pick up. Grab a potato peeler here, a spatula there it is so easy to get everything you need without stressing out about not having it. I recommend going to places like Home Goods, Marshals or Ross, they have such good brands for such a cheaper deal!
  3. Home decor, I am such a sucker for home decor now! I am so excited to make our apartment our home! But, home decor is expensive! Buy a few things when they go on SALE! That is my fav four letter word now! Whether you buy some fun pillows for the chairs or some cute baskets, buy them as they go on sale and a few at a time.
  4. Furniture, now this one is a little harder because you have to find a place to put the furniture. But, if you have the ability to, buy stuff as you can (I feel like that is the tip that is just on repeat but it is just so good!) and store it in your house or families house. Don’t be afraid to buy something that needs a little TLC, you’ll probably have enough time to fix it up exactly how you’ll want it! Also look at sites like Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for good furniture on the cheap or even go the old fashion way and go to garage sales!

It has been so easy to find stuff that we’ll need, with the help of family giving us stuff they don’t use and finding a great deal I am so excited! We have tons of great stuff and I can’t wait to see it all come together come October.

2 thoughts on “How to make an apartment a home without the financial stress

  1. My boyfriend and I recently moved in to our new apartment! We’ve been at our new place for only two weeks and it’s just starting to feel like home. I love Home Goods and TJ Maxx (although they’re owned by the same company). We’ve agreed on a neutral tone for our place as it’s easier to find things that are inexpensive. We bought a bed frame and bed for $500 on Amazon and it is incredibly comfortable! We’ve also looked into swaps. The Dollar Tree is also not a bad place! We bought very boring white plates, but you could never tell it was from DT! Watch YouTube videos, there are a lot of thrifty people out there and you’ll be amazed! Good luck and Congratulations!

    Much love,

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