5 tips for soon-to-be brides

I am so excited to say that Jeremy and I’s wedding is almost completely planned, finished and ready for the big day! Now, there is some stuff that still needs to be done or finalized, but the bulk of the day has been planned! Planning this wedding has honestly been pretty easy! Theirs a lot of things about wedding planning that I didn’t know it included! Their parts of wedding planning that you have to keep in mind that isn’t actually a part of the wedding planning.

  1. Find a venue you love, but also look at what in includes! We’re having our wedding at Ella’s Garden and it includes SO much! Even if you look st just the basics package it includes the DJ and a wedding coordinator! That alone saves you TONS of money! For catering, they only go through certain vendors which will help narrow down your options (and all the options are fab). Having a venue that includes so much takes away a lot of the stress!
  2. Don’t do anything for somebody else. That might sound harsh, but it’s you and your fiancé’s day. Jeremy is 21 but doesn’t drink, I’m 20 and can’t drink so we’re not having alcohol at the wedding. Although many guests do and could drink that’s not something we’re into and not worth paying for to make others happy. We will have a beautiful wedding minus alcohol and save tons of money!
  3. This tip coincides with the above tip, don’t do something because you think you HAVE to. Because you don’t. I don’t care that much about makeup and I don’t want a mask of makeup on, so I’m doing my own hair and makeup. I hate heels but love Chacos, so I’m going to strut down the aisle in Chacos. Jeremy would be so uncomfortable in a suit so the guys are just wearing button downs and black pants. Those small details that make you, your fiancé and the party more comfortable then do them! Years from now you want to look back and think about all the fun happy moments, not the moments where your feet hurt all night just for a weird wedding standard.
  4. Invite more people than you expect. There will be relatives or family friends who wouldn’t probably come to your wedding, but still, send them an invite. Let them know that you thought about them and cared about them coming. Or if your venue requires X amount of people to attended, invite over that number of people to guarantee you make enough guest. Invite people that you couldn’t imagine your day without.
  5. This is going to be so cliche, but really you need to enjoy the planning process with your partner. Enjoy the tastings and make a day out of it! Don’t just go and do whatever just to get it over with. Make sure to include the groom in the decisions, even if it is just sending him a picture of something you want at the wedding. Planning it together will make the journey and day a more unified event.

8 thoughts on “5 tips for soon-to-be brides

  1. This is such an exciting time, happy to hear you’re almost done with the planning!!
    xo, Syd

  2. Good luck with the end of planning! These are awesome tips to keep in mind for the big day 🙂

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

  3. It sounds like you are doing wedding planning the right way! I think it is great you are focusing on what you and your financé will enjoy most. Best of luck with the rest of the wedding planning process, and congrats!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

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