5 Summer staples 

I’m the type of person who would rather buy a top I can wear year round than buy and OTS that will go out of style. When I buy clothes I think about the different ways to wear the item and if I can wear it to work! I think those are some important questions to ask when you’re shopping. 

For some reason, Summer just doesn’t qualify to ask those questions when buying products. I want to wear the cute romper or cute shorts. But, I try to find staples, something that I can mix and match or something than can be dressed up or down. I’m definitely not a fashion blogger, but I think I’ve got some great staples to add to your closet!

Shorts: There are so many options when it comes to shorts. I would say some great staple shorts would be a pair of black shorts,  a pair of jean shorts and a pair of basic cotton short. All of these can be paired with many different shirts and can be dressed up for church or party’s and dressed down for a trip to the beach or to go run errands.

Strappy Brown sandals: I found these at target and I am obsessed with them!! I think they’re so cute and can be dressed up with a cute summer dress or dressed down with a t-shirt and jean shorts! It’s the perfect shoe for everyday and every occasion!

Rompers: I feel like rompers to scream summer! I’ve always loved wearing rompers and luckily in HTX I can wear my romper for most of the year! Again you can pair it with heels and sandals to dress it up or Converse and Chacos to dress it down! Target has had some great rompers this season and I am stock piling them!

T-Shirt Dress: I actually found this gem at Ross! I am obsessed with it! It is so flowy and so sweet! I can dress it up with sandals or dress it down with Chacos or Converse! It’s such a versatile piece.

Black one-piece: Now I have never been one for a one-piece, but I think finding a simple black one has changed my opinion for life! It’s so sleek and sliming and I feel so confident in it! I love it! I remember when I was younger all I wanted to do was look good in a bikini, but now that I’m older I realize how not important it is. It’s about feeling confident in what you’re wearing and who you are. I also love the modesty aspect of this one-piece!

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