5 ways to have great engagement pictures

We had our engagement pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and we had a blast! It was so much fun and we were able to get some fantastic pictures. I linked the online gallery here. At first, it was so awkward, but it got better as we got more comfortable.img_1558

There are tons of things I didn’t think of to do before, but after talking to others I found so many great tricks to have a great shoot! Here is a list of how to have the great engagement shoot.

  1. Color coordinate, it matters. It doesn’t have to be both of y’all in a white shirt blue jeans. But, wear complementary colors.
  2. Make sure you are polished. Your nails aren’t chipped, no ponytails on your wrist. Eliminating those things make the pictures look clean.
  3. PROPS. We got an and sign and a verse on a pallet to have in our pictures. I am so happy we did. It was so fun incorporating them into our pictures.
  4. Find someone to take the pictures that you are comfortable with. I am friends with the gal who took our pictures and it made me so happy. It helped make things so comfortable and we trusted her to do a fantastic job (which she did). If you are in the Houston area here is the link to her website.
  5. In the end, DON’T stress out about it. Don’t think too much about what you’re wearing or what he is wearing. It is all about getting great pictures that will hold memories that last a lifetime. Go into the shoot and have fun!

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