15 summer bucket list ideas

Summer is officially in session! I finished my last semester of college and I am so excited for these next couple of months. I am so excited for this summer, I have so much fun wedding planning to do,  but there are so many fun activities for the summer months. img_1438

Below is a list of things I want to do over the summer, these aren’t wedding related. The list is some big fun things I want to do, but also just things I haven’t been able to do with the stress of school.

  1. Go hiking
  2. Travel to the state parks in the area
  3. Go tubing
  4. Start reading a new book
  5. Become more consistent blogging
  6. Do more DIY activities
  7. Start a summer devotional
  8. Get back to being consistent at the gym
  9. Try out healthier recipes
  10. Start and finish Friends
  11. Try to vlog more often
  12. Learn the anatomy of the ear
  13. Go to In and Out burger
  14. Get back into watercolors
  15. Go to the drive-in

3 thoughts on “15 summer bucket list ideas

  1. Love this list! Totally inspires me to get writing my own. First though I have to complete my bucket list for before I leave Australia… I cant believe summer is that close! Just 6 weeks!!

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