How to block out negativity 

I’ve had so many exciting things happening in my life. I’ll be getting married in October and I’ve found a career that I love and I get to pursue! There are so many things that happen have just fallen into place and I can just see Gods hand in everything, it gives me chills sometimes when I think about it! My life path has changed so much in the last two years. God has provided such an amazing way for me and it all started with choosing to stay home for college and go to Lonestar. My life would be drastically different if I had chosen to go off to school.

But this post isn’t so much about all the happy things going in. It’s about how to handle the negative remarks. Yep, in all my exciting God lead life decisions people are negative and down right mean. People are always going to have something to say especially when they have no business talking about it.

I’ve had so many comments about getting married young and getting married “quickly” (7-month engagement). I’ve been asked if I was pregnant and told that my marriage is going to fail because I am so young. I’ve also had those who are only pretending to be happy, which makes me feel a little better. I’ve received weird faces when I tell people I’m not continuing my education at a four-year university but instead following my passion by getting licensed to dispense hearing aids.

I’ve felt in these amazingly awesome decisions I’ve made I’ve had to justify them. I get these faces and then boom, justification just comes spraying out of my mouth. I am so excited to start my life with Jeremy as his wife and to dispense hearing aids. I am going to be doing such a fulfilling work and I know that I am on doing God’s work. I hate that people can’t be happy or question what you’re doing if it is not the cookie cuter experience. If you’ve felt like you’ve had to justify your decisions here are a few tips on how to stay strong.

Instead of trying to justify your decisions I encourage y’all to stand strong. To talk with confidence. You know that what you’re doing is right and if you’re excited then you shouldn’t hide that!

Pray about it. I know that what people said made me doubt if what I was doing was right even though I knew it was! I prayed to get more confidence and to give me a thicker skin. I know what I’m doing is God lead, but the devil was coming in to destroy my excitement.

Remove the people who are saying the negative comments for your life. If your family and close friends are excited for you, and they should be, then you don’t need anybody else!

I am so excited about what is to come in my future and I encourage y’all to share the exciting things to come in your life in the comments below. I would love to hear about all the things going on!

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