3 tips to furnish on a budget 

I am so excited to be getting married and living with Jeremy, once we’re married! There are about 6 months until the ‘I do’s’ and there’s so much that’s done so now I get to have fun finding stuff for our future home!

I’m going to start adding some DIY to the blog as the journey continues, all household DIY will be under DIY Cloud Fife tag. I didn’t realize how expensive the furniture I loved would be and quickly found out how to get what I loved without spending a lot of money. 

  1. Get creative. When looking for furniture don’t just go to the cookie cutter places. Go onto Facebook marketplace or groups, eBay or download the Nextdoor app. All of these outlets can produce some great pieces at such a low price. I found an awesome wood and iron kitchen table for cheap and all it needs is some sanding and to be stained.
  2. Look beyond what you can see. I think the hardest part of saving money when it comes to furniture is buying finished product. When it comes to tables, chairs or dressers there are so many ways to fix those items to make them how you like them. I saw some chairs that I LOVED but they were way out of my budget, but not long after I found similar style chairs that I could paint and make them perfect (sneak peak to a post later to come this week!!!)
  3. Timing. 6 months may be a long time away, but if you are fixing things up it takes time. If you find something you love with a great vision in mind go ahead and buy it even if the fix up can’t happen for awhile. You don’t want to look back and wish you bought a certain piece. If you love it buy it!

I am so excited for this journey ahead and I’m excited to share it with y’all. Be on the lookout for some DIY post to come!

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