3 low calorie snacks

I love snacking and I think it is my biggest problem when it comes to losing weight. I know everything is good in moderation, but my problem is I’ll eat the small serving snack and then another small serving snack and another small serving snack and then I quit. I decided to put together a list of a few snacks that are low in calories and are actually filling!img_0893

I have three different options:  have a sweet tooth snack, a chocolate snack, and a fruit snack. Of course, a big thing about this is giving you the correct serving size, but the serving size is always the right amount to satisfy your craving.


Now, these are SO good and fuel that chocolate craving! I buy these at Costco and they are 100 calories a pack. They have just enough chocolate to satisfy your cravings without you overindulging chocolate. These are great for a midnight snack because there is almost no prep to make these.


These again, I bought at Costco, but really you can buy jelly beans anywhere. I like to put a little in a bowl and snack on them. There are so many different flavors that it makes it such a unique snack. It definitely satisfies a sweet tooth. Sometimes if I am doing things around the house I will pour a small bowl of these and eat them just a few at a time in the middle of whatever I am doing. I would not suggest doing that all the time with a large amount because you will eat them all without even realizing it.


This is one of my favorites! I will bring this in my lunch at work. All it is is some cut strawberries and a handful of chocolate chips. I used dark chocolate because it is a little healthier and that is my preference, but any chocolate type will work. I love it especially after it has sat in the fridge for a couple hours because the chocolate ends up tasting like a strawberry covered chocolate chip.

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