3 Spring BREAK tips

I’ve missed blogging, I really have, but I felt like I needed a moment to breathe. I didn’t want to put some lame post up that I didn’t really love or didn’t feel proud of. I have tons of great posts in my drafts, but to be totally honest I just wasn’t feeling them.

This post isn’t going to be a long post. I’ve had a lot of exciting life changes these past two months and I really needed to focus on life. I will hopefully have a life-update post coming out soon once more things become official! I decided to update y’all vaguely and add in a few ways to just take a break this spring break:

  1. Stay off social media. Now this is tough- I usually would go on social media to relax, but I realized that wasn’t always relaxing. To my fellow bloggers: removing myself from comment pods was the best decision I made! I found myself going on instagram just to go like and comment on others pictures and I was enjoying the site like I used too. Limit yourself to just one pod- it’s life changing!
  2. Enjoy the little things. Go out and grab a coffee or get that muffie from Panera. Just give yourself a daily dose of love. We get so caught up in our routine we forget to treat yo self.
  3.  Work out/ self health. I’ve been really proud of myself lately because I have been pretty consistent with going to the gym. I have seen such a big change in myself and not just the way I look. My mood is so much better and I have been sleeping better too! Exercising  or taking care of your body improves your mental state just as much as your physical body!

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