7 Instagram worthy murals: Houston

Houston muralsI love being a tourist in my own city so for my birthday Jeremy and I went downtown and took some photos with some of the awesome street art located downtown. I’ll add the picture and the location with each picture!

fullsizeoutput_415I was so excited to find this wall, You are my sunshine. It is located right behind the Zoe’s kitchen. It is in the Heights  1948 Rutland St. Houston TX 77008

There is so much potential with this wall. It can be an up close photo or far away photo. It is such a large area so it does make it a little difficult to photograph (pro tip: cut off part of the E- no one will notice) It is at 1050 Yale St. Houston, TX 77008.


Now this wall is so neat, it has ‘I love you’ written in a million different ways. My only complaint is that the parking lot is too close so it is hard to get a good photo of the whole thing without getting cars in the shot (boo). It is at 330 W 19th St. Houston, TX. Be sure to follow the artist @TheShelbiNicole and hashtag all your photos #ILoveYouWall!

I think this wall is so neat and I am sure it took FOREVER. I would never be able to do something like this, my OCD would kick into high gear. This is located near the Lawndale Art Center at 4912 Main St. Houston, TX 77002.


I was so bummed that it had rained so horribly the night before and made this look like such a swamp. I will definitely be going back to take a redo minus the lake view. It is located 3422 N Shepherd Dr. Houston TX 77018. It is in the back of a parking lot of a patio restaurant closer to the train tracks.

fullsizeoutput_2cI feel like the Biscuit paint wall is such an iconic part of Houston and it is a no brainer to be added to this list. Located at 1435 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77006 at the Biscuit Home store.

I wanted to add this although the color block wall is no longer there it was such a fun place and creative idea. We went to take more pictures there to find out the building had been sold and repainted.

Are there any murals in Houston I missed, or some fun sights to see in your own city? Be sure to comment below with those recommendations! 

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