The best year ever: 7 goals for 2017

The New Year is fast approaching! I have had an amazing year, I know, I honestly have had a great 2016. I’ve learned a lot this year and grew a lot. I really saw what God has in store for me and it has been a wild ride trusting Him. This year I really have seen what an awesome life it can be when you trust God in all of your decisions! I decided to write down all of my goals and my theme word for the year.

I got the cutest notepad from J Lynn Designery and I am obsessed with it. They have a Best Year Ever campaign that I am so excited to include in this post. Having the best year ever starts with creating goals and sticking to them! Here are a few goals for 2017 (wow, that feels weird saying):

  1. Keep God at the  center of all my plans and dreams
  2. Take time to do things I enjoy: watercolors, lettering, blogging
  3. Learn to say ‘No’ once in a while to keep me sane
  4. Try more local places
  5. Spend more time loving on others
  6. Get healthy, mind, body, and soul
  7. Spend more time enjoying all that life has to offer rather than focusing on work and school exclusively

2 thoughts on “The best year ever: 7 goals for 2017

  1. Rebekah,
    I love all your goals! I know I need to keep a few of this in mind too. Keeping God at the center is a challenge but oh so rewarding!!
    Happy New Year!!

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