Blogger secret Santa 2016

I was so excited to come home yesterday to my secret Santa package! My secret Santa was….. Koryn Thrasher from Pick Your Beau! You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @PickYourBeau. Koryn is a college blogger based out of North Carolina. Her blog is full of fun tips and tricks. She talks all about her life and gives tips to succeed. Be sure to check out her blog here.blogger-secret-santa-logo

She totally hit the nail on the head with my gift. SOO now to the good stuff, what she got me. She got me an awesome car air clip. It is so cute and perfect for my new car! Along with the air clip, she got me an awesome puff for my keys!

I have been obsessed with face masks recently- I even wrote a whole blog post about them! And she delivered in that department. She got me a Sephora collection of a bunch of different things to help my face. It included a face mask, cleansing wipes, and a sleeping pod! I can’t wait to break these open!

With my recent position switch, I can finally paint my nails and this gift came at the most perfect time. I can’t wait to use this nail polish!

She also stuffed the box with candy canes that I can’t wait to dig into throughout the end of the year. Thank you so much Abigail and Cathleen for putting this on for us, I had a blast being apart of it!

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